Downloading terms

Before using our premium shopping cart products such as addons or templates you must agree to the following Downloading Terms:

  • You are not allowed to copy, distribute any our free or premium templates, addons.
  • We do not install any of our products. Installation is a paid service which is not included in the package price.
  • Free templates provided by CartTuning and used for shopping cart stores must include a bottom link “Designed by CartTuning”, “Developed by CartTuning” or “Powered by CartTuning”. You can remove this link only if “copyright link” option is purchased.
  • Single purchase of template or addon should be used only in one domain. To use it on a another domain, you have to purchase a new license.
  • No materials from CartTuning, free or premium templates,addons can be resold. No items can be made part of a portfolio. Also you are not allowed to write “Designed by Yoursite.com”, “Developed by Yoursite.com”, “Powered by Yoursite.com” or “Website by Yoursite.com” whether you purchased “remove copyright link” or not.
  • CartTuning does not provide any free of charge support for the free templates or free addons installation, maintaining, consulting and other services related to it.
  • Updates of free templates or addons will be sent to you for free!

These Terms are subject to change over time. The update will be posted on this page accordingly. By downloading premium templates or addons you agree to the entire Terms.

Note: If we find out that an account site does not follow our rules, we will cancel purchaser account and also we will never send free updates of templates or addons that purchased.