General Questions

  • 1. What services do you provide?

    We offer a wide range of professional products and services designed to improve the performance of online businesses. They include addon & module development, template creation, web and graphic design, marketing services, SEO optimization, custom development, and much more.
  • 2. Do you develop websites for clients from Russia?

    Yes, we do. We provide services to clients all over the world, and Russia is not an exception. We also have partners there.

  • 3. What is a template?

    A template is a framework for layout and graphic design of a shopping cart, in other words, it is an outfit of your web store. One of its great features is that it doesn’t modify functionality or settings of your shopping cart or affect any other information. It only changes the look and feel of your store. We believe that a sophisticated quality template is a must-have for all online businesses that aim at success.
  • 4. What do addons and modules do for my shopping cart?

    Addons and modules are designed to extend the capabilities of web stores. If you feel that your shopping cart is missing some function necessary to run your business smoothly, you definitely need to have it developed for you.