CS-Cart Accordion Slider

Allows you to present sliders that include images with or without text, html and video content types.

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Why do you need Accordion Slider addon?

Click to Live demoJust imagine that you'd like to present your customers some new products, hot special offers, news headlines, video presentation or just to show an image slideshow. How can you do this? It's possible with our CS-Cart Accordion Slider addon. It arouses visitors' interest, encourages them to learn more about the company, products and services.

Let's look in detail at the addon. CS-Cart Accordion Slider has 8 unique transition effects and supports different customizable options. It's intuitive, easy and at the same time very flexible. Addon supports 3 types of slides: images with or without text, html and video content (youtube or vimeo embed code) types. Add some slides with any types and build a beautiful accordion slider. The main feature of the addon is live preview mode. Just add a few slides, save settings and you can see Live preview in Demo Suits tab. No additional actions, it's user friendly and productive.

If you buy this addon you are not spending money, you are investing them into your store. No doubt it's a good deal!


CS-Cart Accordion Slider by CartTuning

  • 8 unique transition effects
  • 4 awesome accordion themes
  • Unlimited number of slides
  • Live preview in admin area
  • Delay between slides
  • Slide transition speed
  • Supports images, html content types
  • Supports youtube or vimeo videos
  • Supports linked images
  • Open targeted url in the same or in a new window
  • Supports text caption on image slide
  • Defines sort order and status for each slide
  • Activated on Click or Mouse over
  • Supports Auto play option
  • Option to stop animation while hovering
  • Option to setup starting slide
  • Supports corner roundings in themes
  • Supports slides' numeration
  • Supports multi instances on the same page
  • Doesn't affect CS-Cart core files

Examples of skins

Examples of effects

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