CS-Cart Video Player

Enables you to add product video or any other video to your site via block manager.

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Why do you need Video Player addon?

Click to Live demoImagine that you need to tell your visitors more about your products or to show it in action. How can you do this? Our CS-Cart Video Player addon is developed to help you out with this task. A video about your products or service can attract your visitors’ attention and help with the choice.

CS-Cart Video Player allows you to add unlimited number of product videos. The module supports two video services: Youtube and Vimeo. Enter the link to your video and it will appear in an additional tab on the product page. Why the module does not support local video? Because the use of third-party services is more convenient: your videos are stored on external servers, there’s no traffic restriction, and it’s an additional opportunity to attract new customers and to promote your website.

The addon supports two variants of video display: thumbnails and iframe. Thumbnails open videos in popup windows and have two themes (Light and Dark) and two sizes (small and big).

Additional feature of the addon is the functionality of adding videos to pages via block manager. You can add a video to any page on your site. Just enter the link to your video in the necessary block, choose the type of display (Iframe or Video box) and add the block to the page. It's easy, and your store is much more informative to visitors now.

Hot feature! Global mass-adding video to the products. Very easy to assign and manage the video.

If you buy this addon you are not spending money, you are investing it into your store. No doubt it's a good deal!


CS-Cart Video Player by CartTuning

  • New! Bulk video addition
  • Unlimited number of videos
  • Supports YouTube video
  • Supports Vimeo video
  • 2 video box (thumbnails) themes
  • Thumbnails open videos in popup windows
  • Supports iframe video display
  • Available to use on product page as separate tab
  • Defines sort order and status for each video
  • Option to select video theme for product page
  • Option to select video theme in block manager
  • Supports different themes in several blocks
  • Supports multi videos on the same page
  • Doesn't affect CS-Cart core files
  • Available to use on different pages via block manager

Examples of themes

Examples of themes for Video Player

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