CS-Cart FAQ Addon

Makes an online store user-friendly by presenting answers to frequently asked questions.

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Why do you need FAQ addon?

Click to Live demoVisitors of your site often ask the same questions? You need to answer all these frequently asked questions, handily note several important points at the same time, and get more opportunities for seo-optimization? Or maybe you are just aimed at providing better customer service. Our CS-Cart FAQ addon is a perfect solution of all these tasks.

Let's look in detail at the addon. FAQ addon has 8 pretty themes. The module can be used in three areas of your website in various forms: as separate tabs on detailed product pages, blocks on different parts and pages of the site, and a separate faq page. The addon has an intuitive and easy interface, which means you can use it with maximum comfort and convenience.  8 available themes allow you to customize the addon according to the design of your website, besides you can use different themes for various pages of your site. The addon can be used on any webpage that supports block system.

If you buy this addon you are not spending money, you are investing it into your store. No doubt it's a good deal!


CS-Cart FAQ by CartTuning

CS-Cart FAQ - New themes

  • New! 8 awesome faq themes
  • New! Bulk FAQ addition
  • Userfriendly faq management in admin area
  • Supports faq categories
  • Supports multi languages
  • Available to use on product page as separate tab
  • Available to use on separate faq page
  • Available to use on different pages via block manager
  • Answers can be managed with wysiwyg html editor
  • Defines sort order and status for each category
  • Defines sort order and status for each question
  • Option to select theme for faq page, product page
  • Option to select theme in block manager
  • Supports different themes in several blocks
  • Supports multi instances on the same page
  • Doesn't affect CS-Cart core files
  • A must-have addon for every ecommerce website

Examples of themes

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