CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

CS-Cart MultiVendorCS-Cart Multi-Vendor is an extended edition of CS-Cart that allows multiple independent vendors to manage sales of their products through one common web store with a single storefront and product catalog. This online shopping cart edition is a great ecommerce solution for large virtual shopping malls with numerous separate departments or vendors.

Sellers get the opportunity to easily control sales, as CS-Cart Multi-Vendor provides every vendor with a separate administration area to change product information, set prices, manage orders, view earnings and access other personal information and settings.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor shopping cart software offers all features included in CS-Cart Professional, plus this extended edition provides advanced multi-vendor functionality that enables numerous sellers to offer products and do business through a common web store.

These multi-vendor features include:

  • Single storefront for all vendors which allows customers to get access to the full range of products available.
  • Unlimited number of vendors to expand your business continuously and create as many vendor accounts as you need.
  • One common checkout process to provide your customers with the opportunity to purchase products from multiple vendors in one order and pay only once.
  • Separate administration panels for each vendor, allowing them to gain total control over their own products and sales.
  • Root administrator account with full access to all settings and products to maintain control over the store and vendors.
  • Common payment processing. Initially payments are directed to the root administrator account and then distributed manually among the vendors according to the history of orders.
  • Separate payouts recording to track payable amounts for each vendor and to have your bookkeeping organized.
  • Vendor-specific shipping methods that makeit much easier for each vendor todeliver products.

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