Installation Services

We render professional installation services. Our specialists will do all tiring work and perform the installation in a quick and efficient manner, as well as configure the optimized settings for your e-commerce solution.

What our installation services include?

  • CS-Cart installation
  • or other shopping cart installation
  • addons/modules installation
  • templates/skins installation
  • configuring PHP and MySQL optimized for you website
  • configuring your web server optimized for you website

After the service is being paid, our specialist will reach you and ask for some information, required for the installation process:

  • HTTP & HTTPS URLs to your store
  • FTP server, username & password to load files
  • MySQL hostname, database name, username & password
  • CS-Cart administration url, username (or email) and password
  • If you are able to provide us with access to the control panel of your website, it will be very useful for us.

All access information of your hosting can be taken from hosting provider and complies with CartTuning's Privacy Policy.

Installation services


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